В европейскую компанию требуются

1. DevOps Engineer

Необходимые навыки
● Development and maintenance automated scripts that will build, configure, deploy and test applications deployed to different environments
● Docker is a must
● Experience of integration with Jenkins is a must
● Practical experience of configuration of nginx, Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL
● Simple scripting in Python
● Simple queries in SQL
● Knowledge of Ansible
● Knowledge of backuppc or similar
● Knowledge of nagios, zabbix or similar

Будет плюсом
● SaltStack
● Xen and virtualization in general
● Load balancing, clustering, sharding, setup of HA infrastructure

● Develop and maintain automated scripts that will build, configure, deploy and test applications deployed to different environments
● Improve backup infrastructure
● Improve monitoring infrastructure

О проекте
Не-конвеерные веб-проекты (Европа, США)

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2. JavaScript Developer

Необходимые навыки
● Proven experience (2+ years) with JavaScript (ECMAScript 5).
● Knowledge of asynchronous programming and event-driven programming paradigms.
● Understanding of REST and AJAX.
● Knowledge of HTML5, DOM Core API, Event model, CSS modification.
● Experience with one of the common JavaScript frameworks (Backbone, React or Angular).
● Knowledge of Git.

Будет плюсом
● Hands-on experience with ES6.
● Understanding of Promises.
● Hands-on experience with Websockets.
● Experience with server-side JavaScript (node.js or io.js).
● Experience with common JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, Underscore, async, BlueBird, etc.
● Experience with one of testing frameworks like mocha.
● CSS3 would be a plus.
● Experience with Mongo or one of RDBMS would be a plus.
● Good communication and analytical skills.

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3. Python-разработчик

Необходимые навыки
● Практический опыт работы с технологиями Python от 2 лет
● Знание Django
● Понимание TCP, HTTP, REST
● Git
● Английский на уровне составления и понимания технической документации
● Знание и понимание JavaScript

Будет плюсом
● Odoo
● MySQL, MongoDB
● Docker
● Continuous integration
● Хороший уровень в использовании *nix систем
● Самостоятельность, ответственность, желание развиваться в full-stack development

Не-конвеерные разные веб-проекты.

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4. Symfony2 / Shopware developer

Необходимые навыки
— Knowledge and working experience with Shopware (Template, Architekture und Plugin- Programming), Server configutation;
— Strong knowledge of OO PHP programming and Design Patterns;
— 2+ years in PHP Symfony 2 and MySQL;
— Frontend: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS
— Experience in testing and debugging software.
— Experience with regular project tools like Git, Redmine, Jenkins;
— Language skills: spoken English (understanding of technical literature)

Будет плюсом
— Experience in E-Commerce

— Full-time job
— A lovely office (Kharkov) and a team of young professionals
— Work in a new projects
— Competitive salary, paid vacations & sick leaves

О проекте
Developing of complex E-Commerce solutions (Online Shops)
and web Applications on the basys of Shopware

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5. React Native Developer

Необходимые навыки
— 3+ years experience building web / mobile applications
— Strong knowledge of Javascript
— Strong knowledge of HTML5 & CSS3
— React Native experience
— Strong understanding of the Android or iOS ecosystem and its guidelines for app development
— Experience interfacing with REST APIs
— Excellent debugging and troubleshooting skills
— Experience writing unit tests
— Experience using npm
— Experience using git
— Team Player

Будет плюсом
— Computer Science degree
— Android and iOS experience
— Experience implementing Flux pattern / Redux framework
— Experience with Javascript ES6 and ES7 features

— Full-time job
— A lovely office (Kharkov) and a team of young professionals
— Ongoing & new projects
— Competitive salary, paid vacations & sick leaves

— Build and maintain mobile apps using React Native
— Collaborate with Product and API teams to build simple, scalable and innovative mobile experiences
— Participate in code reviews and mobile application debugging and diagnosis
— Manage the complete mobile development cycle including testing, integration and publishing
— See design requirements from concept through to completion (develop, debug, test, document and deploy)

О проекте
Projects in e-learning, booking and dispatch segments

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